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XIC 2013: The year that was
At XIC Ranchi, we strive to train students ito become media professionals with professional expertise, a strong ethical foundation and a deep-rooted social consceince.

Krishtagaman: XMAS Special
Kristagaman is a 23-minute Christmas Special Program produced by XIC Ranchi with was broadecast on ETV Bihar/Jharkhand on Dec 25th, 2013.

Bhopal: Shed Unsaid
Watch Syed Samar Mehdi’s award winning documentary film on the consequences of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and the reality at ground zero 30 years after the incident.

XIC Ranchi’s award winning entry for 60 seconds to Fame, a nationwide film competition organised by Ability Foundation, Chennai, on the theme of “inclusion”.

Mansukh Bhai
Directed by Ashoke Viswanathan as a class room exercise, Mansukh Bhai is a humorous take on the religious (in) tolerance of aselfproclaimed Ghandiist.
A dream I did not See
A short documentary by the students of 2011-12 batch on the dreams of people who cannot see.

Quiz Time
A 20-min quiz show produced by the students of XIC Ranchi in the inhouse studio as a part of their assessment in Television Production.

Sambandh: Exercise on 35 MM
Sambandh is a short film shot on 35 MM by the students of XIC ranchi (Batch of 2012-13), under the guidance of Mr. Ashijit Ganguly and scripted and directed by Mr. Ashoke Viswanathan.

H: A short film by Yashvardhan
"H" is a short film shot and edited by Yashvardhan Sharan as a part of his editing course. The film is his take on the academic pressure imposed on students, resulting in suicidal tendencies.

Rizwaan is a short film scripted and directed by Sanjay Surin ( 2011-12). It is the story of a young man trapped in a dilemma between a religious 'errand' and his own sense of right and wrong.
Rathole Mining in Meghalaya
This documentary by Poojarati Chatterjee explores the conditions of migrant labourers, who are forced to work in desolate conditions inside "rathole" mines, where they face great risk of injury and death.

Romero, You Son of a B***h
A classroom exercise by the batch of 2011-12 on POV shots, cutting and editing. A much awaited short film that shows our lighter side.

Watch this humorous short film by the students of the first batch of Summer Course (May 2012), made as a part of their exercise in video production.

The Book Off
Another humorous short, made as a classroom exercise by the batch of 2011-12, this time to demonstrate the use of Over-the-shoulder shots and POV shots, as well as an exercise in editing.

Symphony of Smiles
Symphony of Smiles is XIC Ranchi's official entry to the film festival organised by Vedanta in 2012.

Admission list
Click here to view the list of candidates admitted in PG Diploma in Film and Television Production.

Click here to view the list of candidates admitted in PG Diploma in Broadcast Journalism.
Alumni Section
Megha Kukar (Batch of 2013)
Creative Producer at Freshly Ground Entertainment

XIC Ranchi always opened the doors and let me know and identify opportunities where I can do and accomplish and be successful at something. I started learning right from the first day and I have gained so much. What one needs is the correct guidance and that is what one can look for at XIC (LIFE). I have a great respect and admiration for the teachers here, and couldn't have asked for a better learning experience.
e-mail: meghakukar4@gmail.com
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Anurag Bose (Batch of 2012)
Freelancer, Kolkata

Choosing to be in XIC Ranchi taught me one thing- the field I have opted for needs me to take risks and not look for convenient opportunities. It needed me to be enterprising and dynamic. Being the first batch of an institute can always put ones mind in bouts of doubts. But I took the risk and pushed myself to be enterprising and today I am happy to remember the day I did.
email: its.atomusic@gmail.com
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Amrutha Rao (Batch of 2012)
Asst. Camerawoman at Prajavani TV, Hyderabad

I studied in XIC, LIFE, Ranchi (2011-12) and really had a good and fruitful time. The lecturers are very encouraging and I got a very good chance to handle the equipment on my own. I learned all the courses with a hands-on experience. As I am interested in camera operation, I am working as an operative camera girl in ETV, Hyderabad and I also got chance as Assistant director for an upcoming film. I hope all coming batches of my institute will utilize the facilities provided.
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Session Schedule 2014-15

Orientation for students of both the PG courses will be organised on the 7th of July. Classes will begin from the 8th of July. Click on the links below to download the programme schedule for the entire year.

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